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Valery Wegner 




Valery Wegner was born on a South Coast. The sun and the sea inspired and fed her by their energy and influenced in choosing of her profession.
She took up a photo camera in the age of 13 and since that time still keeps it in her hands, considering a photo, brightly transmitting emotions and feelings, inalienable part of her life.
She finished an International Photo School and became the prizewinner of numerous photo exhibitions-bienale:

2008  the Special medal Bavarian international photographic society, German 2008(AFIAP).
2007  the Silver-plated medal in Luxemburg(FIAP)
2007  the First place in France(FIAP)
2007  France, medal in the nomination "the best portrait"
2005  the Blue ribbon in Luxemburg
2005  the First place in France(FIAP)
2004  the Silver-plated medal in Luxemburg(FIAP)
2003  the First place in France(FIAP)

Proposed photos in France, Luxemburg, USA, China, Germany, ets.

In 14-15 she made a debut in the cinema, took part in some movies. One of them is "She's  Unevening" by the Russian stage-director Marlen
Martynovich Khutsiev  which is well known for his films " I'm 20"  "Spring on the Zarechnaya Street"  " The July rain" An acquaintance with master did not pass without trace. Marlen Khutsiev insisted on an infatuation of  a photo to be outgrew into a favorite profession.
Construction of frame, sense of light and color, influenced on the choice of the first speciality as a director of photography.
 In 2009 Valeria finished Camera faculty in one of the eldest theatre institute in Ukraine / the National Theatre Cinema and Television University named by Karpenko-Karyj in Kyiv. 

During 5 years of education on the faculty she sharpened her skill as a film director, director of photography and author of the script by

In 2009, having been won a competition among young talents, she was invited to continue studies and get the second  higher education on a stage-director faculty  in the Russian State University of Cinematography named by S.А. Gerasimov. The Russian stage-director Vladimir Ivanovich Khotinenko, known for his films "Priest","72 meters", " Moslem", " Dostoevsky" and others, has become her master and teacher.
  Now Valery often staged advertising films, clips, short-lengths films as a stage - film director and director of photography in a one person.

"I love motion" and camera "breathing", panning, passages, experiments and intricate problems. It is desirable the spectator to be not boring..."

"When I watch movie, I give a large value to a frame, his construction, and color decision. At all the times I will like black and white photo. Such a photo  shows essence, takes away all distracting and unnecessary. Therefore, it seems to me, it's more difficult.  The sense is brightly expressed there. And the black and white movie such "a bare nerve", where the acting of actors and dramaturgy stands on the first place..."

"I am persistent, I always achieve the put aims, consider that there is nothing impossible, there is only a desire not to change something". You can have any talent and artistic style, but industriousness - foremost. The result we have got consists of 1% of talent and 99% of labor..."